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The big draw of Ivey League is naturally Phil Ivey himself—one of the most recognized and respected players by poker fans and aficionados alike. “Phil Ivey is the best poker player in the world,” the site boldly claims. “His vision was to assemble a team of professional poker players to teach the world to win at poker.

Phil Ivey’s Poker Training Site “Ivey League” To Close At Apr 24, 2017 · About Ivey League Coaching. Ivey is a 10-time World Series of Poker champion and is long considered to be one of the greatest poker players of all time. He founded the site in February 2014 after acquiring poker training site LeggoPoker in 2013. The site’s launch was highly-anticipated by the poker community, amongst which Phil Ivey was Poker Training | Coach | IveyLeague.com Ivey League the poker training site by Phil Ivey and Ivey Poker. Ivey League provides the best poker strategy, videos, and forums to learn how to win at poker. Ivey League Poker Training Site to Stop Producing New Content Apr 16, 2017 · Ivey League will no longer be uploading new content to its website as of May 1. The poker training site has decided to discontinue its service due to “the current state of online poker,” the

After three years in operation international poker ace Phil Ivey’s poker training site Ivey League appears to be winding down. Several online publications were quick to note this week that an advisory post titled ‘Ivey League, the end of the road’ from the Wizard on the site’s forum informed users that effective May 1 no further ...

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Apr 19, 2014 · Re: Best poker training sites? Nice necro. As someone who's seen a lot of training sites, once it's worth using them (i.e. 10NL-25NL), start with Cardrunners then use Run It Once and Ivey League once you get to SSNL.

The Ivey League poker training site will officially launch later this month, according to a post on the IveyPoker website. In February last year, Ivey bought LeggoPoker and announced that it would close and be replaced by his Ivey League. His status has made it easy to recruit some big names such as ... Phil Ivey - Wikipedia Ivey has also founded two companies. Ivey Poker, established in 2012 offers a "play for free" poker App that allows users to compete against Ivey and other pros. Ivey League is a poker training site with a full roster of professional coaches launched in 2014. References Ivey Poker Training Site in the Works - Cardschat IveyPoker, the online poker site bearing Phil Ivey's name, announced that it will be launching a new poker training site called Ivey League. Phil Ivey is done helping people improve their poker game

Learn HORSE at the poker training site Ivey League, run by none other than poker champion Phil Ivey. More Check Out the Power of HM Apps ... There are many great reasons to join Advanced Poker Training. The poker training site’s artificial intelligence is second to none. ... Please check out our poker articles and Poker Software Discussion ...

Ivey League - revolvy.com Ivey League was a poker training website founded by American professional poker player Phil Ivey . Ivey League launched on January 28, 2014 offering poker strategy videos from prominent professional players serving as coaches. The roster of Ivey League instructors included Ivey, Jennifer Harman , Cole South and Patrik Antonius , among others.

The Closure of Ivey Poker and Continuation of Ivey League. Ivey Poker shut down their gaming site in October of 2014, but many of us working with the site were let go near the end of the 2014 WSOP. Following the shutdown of the gaming site, Ivey League continued as a standalone product and has done so for almost two and a half years.

Premium subscriber poker news site and exclusive data analytics and research platform. New training site expected to launch in the summer. Some Leggo coaches, including Aaron Jones, will combine with members of Team Ivey to form the foundation of the new training site. News ; Tracker ... Training Site to Close, Replaced with “Ivey League” Learn Mixed Games at Ivey League - Online Poker Software Thousands of poker players have improved their games by checking out what the best of the best have to say at Ivey League.The poker training site was founded by 10-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Phil Ivey, and they have selected an impressive group of instructors to help you get your game to the next level. Ivey Poker Announces Ivey League, a Premium Poker Training ... Ivey Poker acquired a poker training site called Leggo Poker in February 2013 and has re-branded the already-popular poker site into the premier poker strategy and training destination. Many of the Leggo Poker videos will be available to Ivey League subscribers, in addition to the new video content added weekly. Ivey Poker Review - An Honest Look at the Ivey Poker ...

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